Create the taste and comfort of a hearty home cooked meal

Founded in 1959

Our Heritage

TRS was founded in 1959 in London and back then, getting the best spices and pulses from South Asia was not always straightforward. Long journeys and inconsistent quality were the norm.

The realisation arose that people were yearning for South Asian cuisine. TRS took up the mantle to bring to the west the best from South Asia. TRS offer delicious and authentic flavours from Indian spices, pastes, pickles, pulses, poppadums, rice, and flour. Today, it is TRS’ ambition to bring you the most authentic taste of home more than ever before.

Following tradition

Proper Indian food takes time and for a reason! To obtain those deep layers of flavour, TRS experts have curated a range of intense flavours without shortcuts or fillers. Here at TRS we are absolutely passionate about food, flavour and cooking. In fact, at the heart of our business, is a constant quest to discover the most authentic quality spices in their purest form. Each TRS ingredient is carefully grown in the most idea conditions and are handpicked and harvested only at its peak.

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East End

Celebrate food and feasting that lives at the heart of British South Asian culture

Founded in 1972

Founded in 1972 by the Wouhra Brothers, East End Foods is heaped in decades of British South Asian Heritage. East End puts a twist on tradition, blending the past, present and future.

It’s our job to celebrate food and feasting that lives at the heart of British-Asian culture. Our ingredients make people feel connected to their culture and want to celebrate it through cooking.

We inspire creativity, adding our ingredients to experiment with flavours and textures. We have a large portfolio specialising in Ghee, Atta, Spices, Pulses and lentils perfect for all your delicious meals, whether that is your well known South Asian recipe or you want to add your own twist to the traditions.

You can be sure that every product you buy with East End Foods is the very best of the crop, so you will experience the true taste of authentic flavours and textures.

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Premium quality ingredients from around the world

Founded in 1979

A story of Fudco

For almost half a century, Fudco stocked the larders of Britain’s foodie communities with the world’s finest natural ingredients. Everything bearing the Fudco name has grown in the sun, was picked at its peak and was handled with reverence. This is quality you can see, smell, and taste.

Fudco’s family roots were based in North London where Turmeric was freshly grounded in small batches. The founder used to grind their own flour using stone, this made customers very, very excited, and that set the tone for the next four decades. Fudco cashews are pale and plump from Kerala in South India, home of the best! Because at Fudco, we strive for excellence and spend our days finessing over the tiny details that elevate food to the next level!

The Brand believes that it is their life’s work to serve the discerning, quality centric customers with the best nuts, seeds, and spices from all around the world…so that they can enjoy utterly delicious, natural products in their meals and snacks, safe in the knowledge that they’re always eating the best in class.

Assurance of Quality

  • Premium range of the highest grade of nuts, cashews, spices and pulses owing to years of excellent sourcing and care.
  • Known as God’s own country, our Cashew comes from Kerala and are traditionally used for seasoning in Asian cuisine.
  • The range embodies the perfect balance of sweet, savoury, spicy and crunchy, the plenitude of harmony.
  • Irresistible deliciousness in every pack.

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Making everyday snacking exciting and fun

Founded in 1960’s

Founded in the 1960’s and brought to the UK in 1974 by Dinesh Patel, Cofresh is the most iconic brand of British South Asian snacks. Known for the Mixes and the Grills, Cofresh makes everyday snacking exciting for all the senses, by taking consumer on a journey full of flavours inspired by cuisines of the world.

When we create our products, we strive to turn snacking breaks and sharing moments into adventures for the palate. We have harnessed the power of the most authentic and the best quality pulses, spices and flours to make our snacks that speak to all the senses through colourful spices, aromatic smells, and distinctive flavours.

Grab a handful and let Cofresh take you on a journey of flavour!

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A lovingly hand-crafted paneer

Founded in 1997

One of the UK’s first Paneer manufactures Everest was Founded in 1997 by Haroon Shaikh and Inayat Fatiwala.  Everest offers delicious high-quality paneer made using original family and time-honoured traditions.

We insist on using only the freshest British milk and we pride ourselves to have quality, consistency, and authenticity at the heart of everything we do. The result is a lovingly hand-crafted paneer, a versatile cooking cheese used to create the most exquisite dishes, from traditional South Asian recipes to wholesome vegetarian salads or wraps.

Our British Asian heritage uses 100% British whole milk to craft paneer that offers a source of protein and meat free solutions suitable for vegetarians

For more information visit everestdairies.com


Chai Xpress

Loved for generations, enjoyable in moments

Founded in 2009

Brand Story

Chai Xpress is our newest venture, one that has arisen from our years of experience in sourcing and blending the very finest spices. We felt a natural next stop on our journey was using our experience to create a line of authentic spiced teas, using traditional blends of the East. For generations, warming cups of fragrant chai have brought charm and romance to the hustle and bustle of rail journeys across the subcontinent. With Chai Xpress, we embrace this sensory festival, transporting our customers with an authentic blend of comforting black tea and aromatic spices.

Our new line of spiced instant teas uses blends that have been loved for generations, but in a format that’s enjoyable in moments.

Enjoy your favourite flavour from our range anywhere – all you need is hot water. Our unique blends will evoke memories of the past or create new ones entirely. Wherever your masala chai journey began, let Chai Xpress take you to your next destination.

For more detail: chaixpress.co.uk