Making everyday snacking exciting and fun

Founded in 1960’s

Founded in the 1960’s and brought to the UK in 1974 by Dinesh Patel, Cofresh is the most iconic brand of British South Asian snacks. Known for the Mixes and the Grills, Cofresh makes everyday snacking exciting for all the senses, by taking consumer on a journey full of flavours inspired by cuisines of the world.

When we create our products, we strive to turn snacking breaks and sharing moments into adventures for the palate. We have harnessed the power of the most authentic and the best quality pulses, spices and flours to make our snacks that speak to all the senses through colourful spices, aromatic smells, and distinctive flavours.

Grab a handful and let Cofresh take you on a journey of flavour!

For more information visit cofresh.co.uk